Reality Sailing checks in after Open House at Otay 


It was awesome! A good number of families showed up. We finally presented our pilot program, took kids on sailing rides, ate good hot dogs and shared the spirit of sailing with the community.  The day was beautiful and the wind was close to perfection.

A former national champion and head coach of CYC gave us the ins and outs of the Laser.  Overall, a great event. But I missed you guys, I would’ve wanted to see more Lido’s at the lake.


I can hardly wait to go again. Perhaps later on I sneak out of the house and go for a short solo sail. LOL

Fair winds,


PS: We had to cut back on the Live Band and other things as the City Lakes Dept. tied my hands preventing to give more to the community. Once we become a NP things would go a lot smoother. FYI, we are about to form the NP and some big shots are on sight for our board of directors. You’re one of them. Would you like to help? This will become a new and innovating community sailing program. I’ll keep you posted.

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