Dale Berkihiser, Founder of Fleet 6, Turns 100!

In the summer of 1958, my wife and I were having lunch at a restaurant on the edge of Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, when we noticed an attractive two tone colored sloop sailing around the bay. We somehow met the couple that had been sailing it, a Don & Gloria Robertson. The sloop was the 14 foot fiberglass Lido 14. It was pretty new and the number was # 38. I had been yearning to build a 26 foot sloop from scratch, but this Lido 14 was so attractive that we decided to buy one. I was naïve and put out the word that I wanted a used one, but of course it was a new class boat and there were not yet any to be had. W.D. Schock Company’s chief salesman somehow learned of my desire so he offered to sell Lido 14 # 1 to me. It seems that it had already been sold to a Dr. Littlejohn, but Bill Schock had given the doctor a new one in trade for # 1 which he was using as a demonstrator. (I bought Lido 14, #1, and raced it for 5-1/2 years before buying a new one.)


Berkihiser Lido 8th June Regatta 10 2

Drone footage of the modified race course so that Dale could start the race.


 We knew Stan Miller though maintenance of our Sabot. Stan and his wife, Jackie, had been making Sabot parts out of their Garage. Around that time, Stan had given up teaching in order to open his boat selling business. He obtained the local rights to sell W.D. Schock’s Lido 14. He knew that we wanted to join ABYC in order to be with the Robertsons and other new Lido 14 owners, so he sponsored our membership in ABYC. He wanted the class to become popular so that he could sell more boats.

Berkihiser Happy Birthday FlagPole

All of Fleet Six sing Happy Birthday to Dale. Our fearless Fleet Captain, Kathy Reed, tunes everyone up.

The few Lido 14s in the club started racing together, but more and more new members with their new Lido 14s were now joining the club. Don Robertson talked others and myself into a having a meeting at our home to discuss the business of forming an official Lido 14 Fleet. This was sometime during the winter of 1958-59; I forget the exact date. Attending were staff commodore, Ted Matson, Don Robertson, Gene Juratz, George Lounsberry, & others. Schock’s Lido 14 Class Association had assigned number SIX to our fleet, and I was elected to be first Fleet Captain and the important job of secretary was assigned to Don Robertson.

So, Alamitos Bay Lido 14 Fleet # 6 was born during the winter of 1958-59.

My 1967 ABYC Roster shows 68 Lido 14s in Fleet # 6!

Dale Berkihiser

By Dale Berkihiser, & from his pleasant memories of long ago.


Berkihiser Lido 8th June Regatta 10 3

Another look at the modified race course. Yellow boat, in lower center is yours truly, in last place, about to get lapped by the first place boat.


Berkihiser Happy Birthday Cake

Dale and his wife, Maxine, admire the wonderful birthday cake.