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Oceanside's Bash in the Basin  -  Fleet 21 

The November Races, originally scheduled for 11-16, were bashed off the ramp by winds up to the low 30s with occasional sprays. A week later, the TAKE TWO replay was treated to Vacation Resort Brochure conditions, crystal clear sunshine, flat water, and delightful 6-8 knots that sent the fleet dancing. At the 12:00 signal, Leiton made his sailing debut, in Slippery When Wet, Steve Rhodes' rebuilt pony. Huck snagged a ride with Tim, in Don't Mess With Kitty.

The Start Line was set at 280* and was not adjusted all day. The windward/leeward gate courses were enjoyed by the fleet and the Committee aboard Toxic Haste. Stevy's delicious burritos were scarfed by Jim Lackey, Gerry Sumabat, and Fleet 21 Secretary, Hugh. The calm surface condition prevented spilled beverages.

Phil and Dave, in Phil-of-Baloney commanded impressive speed, resulting in a distinct pressure on Tim and Huck, just ahead. The 4th race was a strange “Tour of the Oceanside Basin” with a reachy start, then down the channel, wrapped up with a “stay out of the infamous Rock Garden” finish. No penalties, no dinged centerboards.

After the fourth race Larry and Lukas, in Swift River, were tied with Dan and Christina in Club Soda (Oceanside Yacht Club's well-tuned Lido.) Each column showed 2,3,4,5. Dan an Chris cleared up that problem by applying the jets in the last race for a tie-breaking 2nd..Trophies were doled out in OYC's Black Pearl Salon, over the San Diego Charger's announcer and tacking glasses nearly missing gybing napkin dispensers.

It was decided that the December 13th race should also be this cool, er...warm, you know.

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