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Fleet 62 - Sunday's Redwood City Cruise Recap

Well, we had a great time on Sunday. The weather was perfect, a clear sky with a pretty good wind from the east all day. It was a good turnout of our regular Lido sailors. A special thanks to Bruce Prickett for arranging for our use of the Sequoia Yacht Club for the after-party.

We all assembled in the parking lot near the public launching ramp about 11 am, everyone was on time and ready to go. Josh was there with “Argo” and two friends Taylor and Alexis. They brought all types of refreshments and snacks for the sail, more than enough for a 2 hour trip. So he sailed with Alexis all day and they looked like there were having a good time as Josh was teaching her sailing.

We were excited to see Jim Lechner show up and sail with him at another site than Lake Elizabeth. He needed a crew and fortunately Roy Jordan showed up as he had heard we needed crew, so they were set to go. Jim and Roy started out with us heading up the channel to the bay but decided to explore one of the estuarys out of the Port of Redwood City. They caught back up with us at the end.

Richard Moser showed up with his grandson again. It looks like his grand father has taught him well as he skippered their Lido most all the day and did well. I presented Richard with his award for placing second at the District 2 championships, it was a nice bottle of “Boatswain" beer.
Fleet 62 - Sunday's Redwood City Cruise Recap

I was there and needed a crew as well. So it was fortunate for Josh to bring someone extra, so I got to sail with Taylor (Josh’s regular crew) for the day. Taylor works with Josh at Lockheed and is new to California from Colorado. He has always wanted to improve his sailing skills so that was one of the reasons he came to California. He says he wants a bigger boat, still trailerable, but I kept pushing for him to start with a Lido 14. So we will see if the Lido wins out. To get him hooked and get some experience I let him skipper most all the day and he improved a lot. “There is a lot more to think about when you are the skipper”, Taylor mentioned as we were dealing with traffic, channel markers, dragging our centerboard, wakes from larger boats and how to come back to the dock under control.

We sailed out in the channel tacking all the way for about an hour and half. There was a lot of traffic coming in when we were heading out, several Sea Scout ships and a large barge used for dredging. We were out near the end of the channel with a good view of the whole south bay, when we decided it was time to head back in. We were fortunate to have Bruce in his “Santana” sail with us as a safety boat. Bruce was sailing with Ben, a person from “meet-up” that showed up to try sailing. Thank you Bruce, it was reassuring and fortunately no one needed help all day. It took a hour to leisurely run all the way back to the marina. The only excitement on the way back was watching the dredging operation keeping the channel clear, the scoop they use would swallow a Lido in one bite.

After getting out of the water and un-rigging the boats we headed over to the yacht club for pizza and beer. It was a great conclusion to a great day of sailing as we sat on the outside deck and discussed the days activities and our upcoming club plans. Bruce was the bartender, there was music from another event at the club and we enjoyed a sunny fall afternoon in the bay area. We finished the day with cupcakes decorated with L14 on the top, a fitting treat to a great sailing season.

We hope more of you will join us next year at this great tradition,

Earl #4562


Editors Comments: Now what a great way to spend a Sunday exploring uncharted estuaries. Check out where this is!   Port of Redwood City 


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