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 (L-R) RoyWoolsey, with is classic floppy eared hat, and Christophe Killian at the 2007 Lido 14 Class Championships in Newport Beach.  Christophe won the 2013 Lido 14 Class Championships and is now (2016) the number one ranked match racing sailor in the United States.
Roy Woolsey Regatta - 2016
Lido Island Yacht Club
Several decades ago, when I was learning how to race the Lido 14, I found myself crossing paths on the race course with Roy Woolsey.  It took quite some effort to learn how to sail better than Roy and, when I did, it was both a happy moment - for having learned how to sail better - and sad to leave someone you were fond of behind.
 It too was sad when Roy Woolsey passed away in 2007 - at 90 years of age and just days after having raced in the Lido 14 Class Championships - but the constant thoughts of Roy have left me, and others, with far more joy than we might know what to do with.  So it is with great respect that I enter into the regatta bearing his name - the Roy Woolsey Regatta. 
At this year’s running of the Roy Woolsey Regatta, a modest but energetic group of Lido 14 teams raced in the “Turning Basin” area of Newport Beach.  The weather, by most measures, was superb - sunny, warm, and a gentle breeze.  Of course, that last part meant that sailing was going to be a bit more difficult as light breeze in Newport Beach usually comes with unpredictable wind shifts and more motor boats out and about.
The races were on windward/leeward courses - some once around, some twice.  By the conclusion of the third race, most teams had experienced both a very good and very bad race.  Somehow I had managed to stay consistent.  But then I made up for it with a tie for dead last in the fourth race.  Had the fifth and final race been sailed, the regatta could have been won by any number of teams.  But as Al Perez, another (passed) long standing member of Lido 14 Fleet 1 was fond of saying - “It’s just Dumb Luck”.  And I’ll leave it at that.
And more important than the racing was the chance to reminisce and offer thanks to Roy.
John Papadopoulos
Lido 14 #5131 “Sunshine"
RoyWoolsey1(L-R) RoyWoolsey, Stephanie Faillers, and John Papadopoulos at the 2005 RoyWoolsey Regatta.
Lido 14 A Fleet                
Rank Sail # Yacht Club Sailor Name Crew Name R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
1st 5131 WSA-OC John Papadopoulos Dina Corsi 2 2 1 6 11
2nd 6262 NHYC Steve Schupak Anne Schupak 1 4 6 1 12
3rd 2506 Leeway Mark Ryan Saneya Blair 5 1 5 2 13
4th 4339 ABYC John Gresham Cindy Heavrin 4 6 2 3 15
5th 1255 ABYC Daniel Gilboa Derek Buzynski 3 3 4 6 16
6th 4900 ABYC Mike Shea David Webb 6 5 3 4 18
7th 5139 Hawaii Craig Fletcher Kelley Norquist 8 DNC 8 DNC 8 DNC 8 DNC 32
Lido 14 B Fleet                
Rank Sail # Yacht Club Sailor Name Crew Name R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
1st 4836 ALYC Tony Lange Kelly Poly 2 1 3 3 9
2nd 5011 ABYC Bill Moore Robert Wolff 1 4 1 4 10
3rd 6157 BYC Denise Ogier Paul Ogier 3 5 2 1 11
4th 4963 ABYC Bruce Wasson John Hauck 4 2 6 2 14
5th 3650 BYC Greg Boudreaux Joe Pan 5 3 4 5 17
6th 3730 NHYC Blake Brewer Peter Joyce 7 DNC 7 DNC 5 6 25

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