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2014 Turkey Day Recap
By Julia Jaynes, Junior Director

This past weekend, Nov. 22 &23, I had the opportunity to sail a lido in the ABYC Turkey Day Regatta with my sailing partner Butch Michel. I was very excited to sail, not only with the class president but also at my home waters. With over 200 boats entered, and a turkey dinner to accompany the madness, ABYC and Fleet Six put on a great event. 

Now, normally I crew in the Lido for Butch, but this weekend Butch had signed me up as the skipper. I was nervous and excited but ultimately ready for lots of fun. I had a lot of fun in the wind that eventually filled in and on Sunday was blowing pretty well, at around 10 knots.

The biggest challenged I had this weekend was getting used to the Lido. I normally skipper in the CFJ for my High School Team, the Lido while similar is a lot fatter and it was hard for me to get used to. I also had a lot of difficulty accelerating off of the line, Fleet 20 brought down a lot of good sailors, making the start challenging and exciting. Even though I had difficulty at the start, I had pretty good boat speed and Butch gave me some Lido specific tips to make me go fast and I was able to stay up with the rest of the fleet.

Turkey Day was a great regatta for me. I had a smile all weekend, ate a great Turkey dinner, and I got to sail a Lido with a great person. I think it is safe to say that both Butch and I were worn out from last weekend. I didn’t know skippering could be so tiring, and crewing is a lot harder than it seems. Special Thanks to Fleet 6 for being the host fleet for Turkey Day and volunteering their time to make this a great regatta.


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