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If I was to write a script for a perfect day of Lido racing in Oceanside – last Sunday’s Van Slyke Championship would have been it! Square start lines, tactical windward leeward courses, steady but shifty breezes and a half dozen evenly matched boats and crews. OYC’s Bob Ray provided a comfortable standyby in the Boston Whaler – Tony D. Happily there were no wet mishaps and only minimal equipment failures. Hugh and Stevy Mast along with Dan Avina whistled their way through 5 rigorous races with only one over early and mixed and close finishes.
In the end it was our friends from Dana Point, Jock and Lily McGraw who finally took home the Gold! If you remember, last year they were tied by Dan and Kathleen who won based on finishes. And this year they were being pursued closely by Tim Gallagher and Christine in Dan’s “Aunt Frances.” Not garnering a flush of bullets, Jock and Lily still showed the fleet their wake and expert boat handling skills. It’s a pure pleasure to have them in Fleet 21.
Let me also say this about Jock n Lily. I have never heard them shout or bang their rails around in starts and mark roundings. Much unlike myself, who will stick his nose into the most tenuous situations, Jock is a perfect gentleman. He always seems to have speed at the starts without intimidating anyone. And usually half way up the course he is in the top three. I need to practice more of what he does…maybe next lifetime! 

So as the numbers went: Jock n Lily –1st, Tim and Christine – 2nd, Larry and PC – 3rd, Taylor and Patty – 4th, Phil and Son – 5th,  Pete Golan and Susie – 6th

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