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2015 Super Bowl Regatta Wrap Up 


This past January, Steve and Kristina Potter, fleet two and SMWYC put on yet another great, fun filled Super Bowl regatta for the Lido family down here in So Cal. Viewed as the opening act of the 2015 Lido sailing season for most of us, the Super Bowl regatta has become an annual tradition for many Lido sailors to dust off their Lidos, shake off the rust & to catch up on their Lido family members. This year was no exception & the regatta also marked the first in a series of regattas to crown the years District One Champion, enticing many sailors out of their houses & out on the water. Like years past, the Super Bowl regatta benefited a good cause, this year it was the SMWYC Junior program. It’s no wonder that twenty-four lido teams made the trek to Marina Del Rey for some lido fun. 


Although the Lido family showed up in large numbers, the wind appeared to have other plans. The racing started off with the wind coming farther out of the west then usual, making the race course up the channel more of a close reach then a beat to windward. However, a race is a race & with twenty four boats on the line, their was plenty of opportunities to gain and lose right from the start. Jon/Lauren Bell from Santa Barbara got off to a fast start by leading the fleet around every mark in race one. What isn’t seen in the final results is the fact that Lido Class President Butch Michel/Julia Jaynes were hot on the heels of Jon/Lauren around the windward mark leaving Charles/Joanna Smith in third and Ryan/Schaupeter in 4th well in their dust. Luckily the course was a two lapper giving Sarah and I some time to catch the Smiths and Butch (it took a couple of legs though!), but not enough to catch the Bells who had grandma & grandpa watching from the jetty as they baby sat baby Owen!


Race two saw the wind get lighter and shift back left, making for a more standard W/L race course up the channel. Sarah & I had a fun tacking duel against “Stunami” (who’ has won the Super Bowl Regatta three years straight) up the first beat. Lucky for us, we got into our own private puff on the right side and were able to maintain a lead throughout the race. In second was newly re-lido-owner Mike Shea/Stephen Casey. A few years after selling his old lido, Mike saw his mistake and purchased Scot Babcock’s old boat. Welcome back, Mike! Race three saw the wind continue to get lighter and eventually shutting off completely with the last reminiscent of wind coming from the left. Stu/Ryan Elsharhawy and “Killer” Kevin Thomas/Helen Burdett benefited the most of this last piece of pressure, rounding the windward mark first and second with Sarah & I in third closely followed by the rest of the fleet. What occurred next is a rarity for most of our regattas in So Cal as the fleet took about thirty minutes to literally drift downwind in absolutely no wind to the shorten course downwind finish. When the dust had settled, sis & I were lucky enough to get a puff (somebody must have open a garage door nearby) to pass “Killer” for a bullet. 


If you missed this years Super Bowl, be sure to come out next year to play. The Potters, fleet two and SMWYC really put on a good show for a good cause.


-Mark Ryan

Lido #2506





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