Pete Jefferson Report - 2012

{jcomments on}Happy sailing and family fun is what the Mission Bay regatta was all about.  Kathy Dryden grand daughter of the fastest guy on the bay Roger Patterson did a magnificent job of organizing the races and the party after the race.

Thank God for the snipe class and their donation of free beer for all the Lido sailors.  The snipes never stop giving.  The Lido weather was perfect in the bay Saturday with steady breezes for the long weather leg that was provided by a superior race committee.  Bruce Gollison show his amazing sailing skills as he worked his way thur the fleet in each race.  Steve Klotz also with his new super crew son made sure that none of the A's got by him without paying a heavy bill.  Steve and Bruce were very tuned in on working the shifts.  I got lucky the first day with a set of good races while Steve and Bruce battled it out.  Steve Potter was also making bank as he ripped up the course with his beautiful wife Christine.  Steve our perfect President was very fast thru most of the course.  He missed winning the regatta by sailing into a few black holes on the course.  Butch Mitchell was sailing one fast race with his super star son Donnie who manage to suck all the sun burn out of the bay on Saturday so the rest of us could survive.  If you were ever confused on what a bad burn was Donnie could show you.  Sunday was light a shifty and I was able to hold my lead by listening to my new El Shariey crew Sammy the Closer.  Sammy could look out on the bay and within seconds could tell me where to go.  Sammy learned how to roll tack in one day.  WOW.  Kelly Kantley and boyfriend Kevin were also ripping up the bay all weekend.  Kevin really ripped up the Bonnie cup cake bar after the race.  Apparentally Kevin has been on a serious diet for a while and the cup cakes were talking to him.  He is a born cup cake killer.  The chilly party after the race on Sunday was the best.  We had every kind of chilly that you could think of.  Mission Bay really put on a great show we all had a blast.  Thank you very much Kathy Dryiden for working so hard to make so much fun.  Stu

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