It Sounds Exciting in Oceanside.  Enjoy reading this regatta report then visit their website and Blog and see what's going on!

 The real November Showdown happened on Sunday the fourth, at the Green #3 buoy in the Outer Basin at Oceanside Harbor. The second of 4 days of racing for the Title of Oceanside Harbor Champion found 15 of the "Definitive Family Sailboats " pressing the line.

The Classic 14 footers that Schock describes as "comfortable" demonstrated a distinct anxiety... or panic, as 15 craft attempted to occupy the same 14 foot space on the starting line when the 1200 (pst) gun sounded. As the packed line spread out, one of our newer teams announced their intent...Lili and Jock in Aquanesia slowly slipped from the grasp of the fleet and lead all the way home. Past Champion Larry Rowe, crewing for P C Van Slyke in Red Tide led the pursuit, and Sydney in Monkeys Ate My Donut, with John at the tiller, chalked their first 3rd for the day. With the butterflies gone, the action intensified. Red Tide, 2 lengths over the start line, pushed the Recall Button and returned to perform a perfect, if delayed, restart. In the 3rd race the entire fleet left early, evoking the first General Recall of the day. The mandatory restart immediately resulted in the 2nd General Recall. Valium for the fleet. As they blasted off the line ( can you "blast" in 4-6 knots of wind ?) Linda and Adam in WHAT? found the groove with their new Elliott/Pattison cloth. They vacated the scene quickly, inking a win in the 3rd. A short rest break on the water was followed by a long Tour de Oceanside course, again requiring a restart, as the overly enthusiastic starting tactics in the anxious fleet continued. Jeff and Roger in Playing With Fire spun onto port tack to escape the crowded pin-end, ducked behind Marc and Jonathon in Bop Is Folly, and found Buckaroo with Lou and Bill on starboard. The crackling report was noted up in the OYC Regatta Salon, which overlooks the venue. Lili and Jock again found the jet-stream and posted the most consistent score-card...with 4 bullets out of the 5 races. Irish Car Bomb, with Holly and Jay lurked just under the surface and claimed 2nd for the day. Sydney and John in Monkeys found the anchorline of a crab-pot or dredging gear, as did several of the boats following them, but had enough speed to retain the remaining 3rd podium step. The huge steel anchor buoy of the dredge offered impromptu mooring space for more than one boat during the day. OYC's Club Tub, Dos Mas Problemas, performed well under the guidance of Tim Z and James. And upstart junior skipper, Taylor Renee showed great control in Taylor Renee, with Dave handling the front end duties. Fleet Captain and past Champion, Dan Avina, provided Gypsy Knight, his new Islander 28, for Race Committee, with Bonnie, Mike, Stevy, and Hugh waving the flags. So Patty and Christina brought Dan's Num Num to the melee and left with the 5th place trophy, right behind Steve and Samantha's freshly rebuilt Slippery When Wet in 4th. The trophy presentation in OYC's Hospitality Lagoon was relished by the weary contestants, with lies, whining and high-performance promises abounding. Two facts were obvious. Lido 14, Fleet 21 has the most enthusiastic crews and action in Oceanside. And One-Design racing in small boats is resurgent. The monthly winter racing scene in Lidos continues in December.

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