Oceanside Fleet 21 Christmas Regatta

Fleet 21 hosts Lido Clinic and Racing with Eric Heim of Quantum Sails on December 2!  The Starting Line was more frantic than the front door of Macy's on Black Friday at 600 AM.Twelve Classic Lido 14 sloops circled the Line, then heeded the bark of the horn that signaled the first start of the day of one-design racing.

Today was a workshop race, with Eric Heim of Quantum Sails dissecting the intricacies of the fabled Family DaySailer, as it was pressed into competition duty. The importance of the hydrodynamic blades that guide the boat, and the smoothness of the deck layout were discussed. Mast tuning was covered, and very importantly, the shape of the sails, the engine that extracts horsepower from thin air.Several of the usual Lido suspects, that ply the racecourse in Oceanside's Outer Harbor, were distracted by other December duties, but the course was graced by a number of gifted imports from the Heart of Lido Land, Long Beach, L A, Newport and Huntington. Steve Potter, President of the National Lido 14 Class Association, was spotted in his Santa Hat, and Stu Robertson, reigning Class Champion worked the venue like Eric Clapton works the fretboard.The downwind start, which is often confusing to newer teams, was studied and exploited by the savvy teams at the front. Stu, with Melody in Lady Wind, left the Start Line like quail from cold sagebrush on a fall Saturday morning, closely followed by Holly and Jay Davis in Irish Car Bomb.

On Oceanside Yacht Club's guest dock, the novel one-mark course format was controlled by Steve Rhodes and Fleet Captain, Dan Avina. They served up a tasty plate of tricky currents and areas of slick windless shadows, testing the strategy skills of the fleet. Newer racers like Taylor Renee, with her crew ( dad ) were treated to the finest competition. Long time racers received a refresher course on the finer points.Dredging gear in the harbor created an obstacle course quality, and as the wind lightened, it became important to avoid the super-light breeze in the lee of the large equipment barges.On the dock, after the first 2 races, Stu Robertson offered instruction on boat feel and balance, derived from his 5 decade sailing career. The enthusiastic fleet approached the opportunity to question the knowledge of Eric and Stu, like seals working the Bait Dock. The tips were well received and the techniques that were learned, were displayed in the final race of the day, a 3 lap Tour de Oceanside. All weary sailors were ready for the Trophy presentation in Oceanside Yacht Club's Regatta Room, where Fleet 21 Captain and event organizer, Dan Avina, presented the booty, recognizing the triumphs of the day.The popular SCYA MidWinters for the Lido 14 Class will be hosted by Oceanside Yacht Club in February 2013, so it behooves each Lido team to wet-sand the bottom, recheck the mast rake, and especially get some practice on roll-tacking the old girl. (this post was copied from the Oceanside Lido fleet 21 website).  Ed. note, this was first posted in the Forum section and be sure to visit the Fleet 21 website, Lido 14 Oceanside. 

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