Sunkist #2 and Fleet 21 Christmas Regatta recap

The weekend of December 1 and 2 threatened to be rainy with light winds and high surf in Southern California, however, the skies stayed somewhat clear and the winds cooperated enough to get in one and a half days of racing in Corona del Mar and Oceanside.

Kristina and I ventured to Balboa Yacht Club for the second day of the Sunkist Series. Turnout was down a bit from the first day with five Lidos competing.

The first race of two scheduled started with a huge ebbing current which forbode an adventure in the moorings. Team Potter gained a slight advantage off the starting line and held on to it to K mark then tacked immediately toward the moored boats and sand (managing to hold onto the tiller extension this time) followed by Kim McCrae and Jim Jackman, Dave and Jeanne Smith, Chris and Kathi Killian and Ryan and crew. The adventure in the moorings was on. McCrae dinged a bouy and the Potters tried to entangle themselves in a long mooring line. Luck was a big factor in guessing when to cross the channel. It was a make or break call. Kim made what appeared to be the logical choice, the Potters went just a bit further out with the smiths on their weather hip. Unfortunate Kim and Jim hit a hole and then the weather mark and the order of finish was established. Potters, Smiths, McCrae, Killian and Long. Race two was wisely cancelled and the chili, chips and trophies followed shortly thereafter. The series continues with dates on the first Saturday of January and February. Results.

Sunday, Fleet 21 hosted a Christmas Clinic and Regatta. Eric Heim gave a prerace go fast presentation, cheered the teams on, offered advice on the dock and spared time for Stu Robertson to offer some of his go fast tips between races. Then three races were held in varying degrees of light breeze which featured lots of place changes and gear shifting. It was relaxed, informative and really fun. Some coaching on the docks, two races, some more tips on the docks and a triple lap race that kept us guessing. Thanks to Fleet 21 and Oceanside Yacht Club for the warm hospitality. {jcomments on} {module [155]}

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