OYC’s Jessup Regatta - 2019

OYC’s Jessup Regatta

March 2019

April 13th turned out to be a great day of sailing as Lido fleet 21 brought five racers to the start line, joined by one FJ for the running of the Jessup regatta. The Jessup regatta is named after Byron Jessup, one of the founders of OYC. Although this regatta started out as a big boat event, the last few years it has been, primarily, a Lido event. This year OYC’s fleet captain, Dan Avina, decided to turn the event into a Portsmouth regatta to attract new competitors.

Fleet 21 welcomed a few new members this week, David Strong, who bought a boat formerly owned by Kurt Wiese, A shiny new 6000 series the color of a lemon, with his crew, Kent Stevenson. Jeff Rutner, also joined us for his first time on a Lido, crewing for Peter Golan. Jeff Just moved to Cali from Rochester N.Y. where he raced Thistles.  We’re hoping that he’ll catch the bug and purchase his own Lido and help grow our little fleet! Thanks to these gentlemen for joining us.

It didn’t take long for mister Strong to figure this Lido thing out as he scored 2-3-1-1-1 to take first place in his new ride named Freedom 2, beating Jamie Gregory who scored, 1-1-3-3-2 in A team. Trevor Partain in his FJ, and Steve Rhodes in Slippery When Wet, tied for third. Trevor walked away with the tie breaker and the bling!  In fifth place was Rodger Fernandez with crewman Bobby. Rodger bought his boat last fall from retiring Lido racer Phil O’brite who moved on to bigger vessels. At least we kept this one in the family! Coming in, last but not least, Peter Golan in his well named Lido “waterboard”. Pete’s day was cut short as right before his tiller snapped, he noticed his forestay was no longer connected to the bow. Yikes!!!

Fleet 21’s next shindig will be a two-day regatta to finish up our fleet championship on May 4th and 5th. The Van Slyke trophy will surely have a new perch as Tim Zimmerman, Last year’s fleet champ, did not get a chance to defend his title.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Rhodes


OYC Jessup Series 3

OYC Jessup Series 1

OYC Jessup Series 2


Editor's comments: Byron Jessup's boat was next to my parents boat on H dock. Byron was a great sailor, life guard, OYC founder & commodore, and turned 90 this month. Where did he celebrate his birthday, OYC of course! Shown here in the early 70's with his kids Kelly & Casey after a successfull day of fishing.


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