2019 Turtle & District 6 Championship


The Willamette Sailing Club and Lido 14 Fleet 25 Portland hosted the Lido 14 District 6 Championship Regatta in conjunction with the annual Lido 14 exclusive Turtle Regatta May 4th and 5th, 2019. This year we had 17 boats entered with 7 of those in the A-fleet. We decided through group consensus at the skippers’ meeting to all start together.

Wind and sun were abundant with temperatures in the 70s. Ian Sparkes performed the duties of PRO and set a standard windward modified course throughout the regatta.

The Turtle is so named because an earlier version of the regatta, held many years ago on the same dates and in the same location, once suffered a single gust resulting in half the fleet capsizing simultaneously.  Ever since, the event held on the Willamette the first week in May has been known as the Turtle Regatta and a perpetual trophy has been maintained recording all competitors who capsized in that or subsequent editions. This year one of the original awardees came up from the Eugene fleet and set a record by performing the same feat again. As if the 52° F water temperature weren’t cruel enough! Congratulations (?) Allan, we’ll add your name again!

We got five races the first day. At this point the only detail I remember is the crew of 6129 on a downwind run briskly removing the six centerboard cover screws with a pocket knife and releasing the centerboard jammed in the up position moments before the jibe around the leeward mark. I don’t know why some 6000 boats do this, but if you do, please let me know.

The second day we got three races in somewhat lighter wind and held our district meeting during the lunch break. We thanked Murray McLeod for his two years of service as district secretary, and elected Geoff Fanning to replace him.

The light wind was a bit of a boon. The week before the regatta Lido 14 Class Champion Tim Mulvaney led a roll tack clinic at WSC and the light wind Sunday gave us all a chance to practice in competition before the class championships come our way in July. His diagrams and step-by-step explanations for the skipper, and then separately, for the crew are really excellent. We used a drone to record his technique with crew Danny, and you can view it at Also, if you’re still on the fence about coming up for the class championship, take a look at the video and see if you agree the Willamette Sailing Club will be a beautiful venue for the competition.

In the end Chris Bittner placed third, Tim Mulvaney took second, and our 2019 Turtle and District 6 champion is Kerry Poe.

Come join us in the future! We hold this regatta the first weekend in May unless it collides with Mother’s Day, and then we move it a week later.

Respectivley submitted,

Geoff Fanning

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