2019 Oceanside Sailing Championship


Fleet 21's season finale finally found it's day to complete Oceanside sailing championship for 2019. Although it was a bit cold and rainy six boats showed up to compete. 

I'd like to thank those that helped us woth committee duties this season, Jean Gregory who used her boat, Rockit Buchanan, Ron Dreyer, Sandy Provins, and aunt Linda Doering, who all helped run perfect races all season,and  Mike Albanese for coming out and taking pictures. You all are very much appreciated.

The final day of racing was good  for newcomer David Stong and crew Kent Stevenson taking first place in Banana. Jamie Gregory coming in second with a the Gregory offspring sharing crew duties on A- team. In third place Hugh Mast with crewperson Andrea Powell in Killer Shrimp. Larry Rowe with Jane Dunn crewing in Swift River pulled up in fourth place over Nic Fisher with daughter Alex handling the jib sheets in Vela Vida, and Steve Rhodes sailing with Jim Johnston on Slippery When Wet holding on to the final position!

Congratulations to Hugh and Andrea,, although they had a slow start to their season, they quickly regrouped and found their way to the Van Slyke trophy in pretty comfortable fashion!

 Fleet 21 will be back in September to start the 2020 season of Oceanside Sailing Champioships with what will, hopfully,  become a new tradition in Oceanside harbor. It'll be a two day regatta. The Rowe - Mast regatta, named after Larry Rowe and Hugh Mast. Hugh and Larry are responsible for the success of our fleet for many years and I thought this would be a good way to honor the work they've put into keeping us racing Lido's. There's a new perpetual trophy that will be awarded to the winner of this regatta so get out for OYC's Thirsty Thursdays and hone your skills!!!

See Ya in September!


Respectively Submitted,
Steve Rhodes
Fleet Captain
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