2019 Class Championship's Review

2019 Lido 14 Class Championship's Review

The skies were clear and it was warm in the Pacific Northwest for the weekend of the 2019 Lido 14 Class Championships. We all gathered at the newly finished Willamette Sailing Club’s clubhouse on the Willamette River in Portland. The local Oregonian Lido sailors were there with their boats on the docks with easy access into the river. They welcomed the rest of us who traveled in from around the West Coast as we drifted in on Thursday and Friday morning, a total of 27 boats.

When people arrived, they went through the crew and skipper weigh-in, checking the sails for measurement stamps, and registration on Thursday and Friday. Then we started rigging our boats and unpacking all the stuff necessary including re-installing our centerboards.
The real excitement started on Friday as the breakdown for the qualifiers was posted. We were divided into 4 groups; red, blue, green, and white flags were handed out to be attached to the end our booms. We competed in a round robin with two color groups sailing against each other throughout the afternoon. It was a serious time as each start included about 14 boats and included locals as well as newbies to the area. The races clearly delineated the Gold Fleet from the Silver Fleet; as there were some very good sailors in attendance. We sailed a typical windward course down the river toward downtown Portland with an offset mark, then back up the river to the leeward mark and back down to the finish line situated between the two marks. The wind was pretty good, not strong, and sometimes a little shifty, but it picked up at the end of the day. We all seemed to handle the course well avoiding the shallows and other river traffic. Some of us obviously handled it better then others as the gaps between the leaders and followers increased steadily as the races continued.

Friday's sailing ended with stowing our boats on the docks before heading to the clubhouse for beers and commiserating about our performances. I can still remember the tips I heard during the day of "get closer to the crew amidships", "sheet in the main more", "point a little higher", and "watch those telltales", all good advise for everyone.

Saturday started with a skippers meeting and new flags for our booms, gold and silver. The races began with Gold Fleet then Silver Fleet alternating all afternoon. The wind was shifty and spotty and the starts were postponed several times for uneven wind at the line and some OCS. We also had to deal with the additional river traffic on a Saturday as ski boats, jet skis, and an occasional Spirit of Portland made their way along and through the racecourse. Their wakes were pretty big as we bobbed along waiting for our start sequences. Overall it was a good day on the river with some great sailing experiences. We saw some close competition at the marks and exciting starts especially from the Gold Fleet - they really know how to be at the line right at 0:00.

Saturday concluded again with beers, stowing the boats, and a big dinner in the clubhouse at about 6:30pm. The food was great and meeting new people was exciting. After dinner, we had the annual Lido Class meeting. The agenda was: accepting the last meeting's minutes, new business (2 proposals from the floor for some bylaws changes for older boat reinforcement and a jib halyard cleat change - more news on that later), and finally the voting for new officers on the Lido Board. Without any new nominations, the members voted in Butch Michel as President, Earl Thomas as V.P., John Papadopoulos as Secretary/Treasurer, Steve Schupak as Chief Measurer. and Kevin Thomas and Bruce Golison as Directors.

Sunday consisted of the waiting game; waiting for the wind: a puff here and there, then nothing, a report of wind in downtown Portland, then nothing. The PRO made several trips out on the river looking for something and returned each time empty handed. We had a delightful lunch and talked about our boats and waited some more. Some of us went down to the docks and gathered around a few boats to discuss and evaluate changes to hardware and the stiffness of hulls for a hour or more. It was a good education as to the little tips that can make your boat easier to handle and maybe a little faster. Sadly, without any sailing, they finally called it a day and we headed into the clubhouse for the awards ceremony.

So Saturday’s results were used for the final determinations of awards. The collection of perpetual trophies was impressive as some were from the earliest days of Lido sailing in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The overall winners were as follows:

Kerry and Amy Poe in 1st place - Class Champions
Kevin Thomas and Helen Burdett in 2nd place
Steve and Andrew Klotz in 3rd place
Chris and Nicola Bittner in 4th place
Tom and Jim Box in 5th place

Jim Sterner and Rachel Pulver in 1st place
Murray McLeod and Al Avey in 2nd  place
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schroeder in 3rd place
Allen and Jim Stults in 4th place
Geoff Fanning and Lenore Zenger in 5th place
Congratulations to all the winners.

After awards and trophies were collected, we packed up our boats, said our good-byes, and headed home. Some left that afternoon and some on Monday morning. We all had a great time exploring a great new venue and making new friends and connections. There are so many similarities and only a few degrees of separation between all Lido sailors; some just go faster than others.

Finally, a big thanks to Kerry Poe, and the Willamette Sailing Club, for a well-run and fun regatta. I hope all of this year's competitors will join us again in 2020 in Northern California for next year's Class Championships.
Earl Thomas #4562
Fleet 62 Captain
Editor's Comments: Anyone who can run and win regatta is truley amazing. Hat's off to Kerry and Amy Poe and to a regatta well ran!
2019 lido Natls Pic 2 

2019 lido Natls Pic 1

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