ABYC Labor Day - 2015

Labor Day Regatta 2015

A Failed Attempt to Escape the Heat!


     Lido sailors from as far north as Modesto and as far south as Mission Bay flocked to ABYC this past weekend to escape the heat that has plagued Southern California for the past few days.


Unfortunately for the lido sailors in this years annual Labor Day regatta, it appears that Butch Michael from Modesto, CA somehow packaged the heat that is usually only found in the San Joaquin valley and brought it with him into Long Beach for us to enjoy! Thanks Butch! Local fleet sixers are in hot pursuit (no pun intended) on figuring out how Butch managed such an atrocity. The consequences of such actions by Butch made sailing a lido downwind this past weekend unbearable to say the least. The heat also brought upon exotic behaviors on the lido fleet, too. Rumor has it that John Gresham whipped out his speedo for a cool dip in the ABYCs basin after racing on saturday. Fleet six is now having a go-fund-me campaign to bail John out of jail on indecent exposure charges. (Apparently he’s sharing a bunk with famous fleet sixer Paul Makielski in the local county jail). Other lido sailors found their escape from the heat in more civilize manners such as going to the ABYC’s famous bar for a refreshment or two or three...All in all it was a warm, but fun weekend of sailing Lido’s and catching up with the Lido family for all. If you missed out, hopefully we'll get to see you soon!



   Usually a regatta in which the local lido fleet is bound and chained to volunteer to run, this year fleet sixers made a deal with the crimson blazers that run ABYC to allow us loving lido sailors to actually sail in the event. The result was a great turnout: twelve local teams showed up with lido sailors from fleet two, seven, eight and twenty driving in to see what sailing in a packed and busy Alamitos Bay was all about. All in all, a total of eighteen teams showed up to play! That’s nearly what fleet six gets on a twilight night! Yew! For the races themselves, the race courses were made up mainly of two lap windward/leewards with finishes near ABYCs basin. Sprinkled in between the sausage courses were a few bay tours (at Jon Bell's emotional request) to allow out of town lido sailors to experience the full might of Alamitos bay’s rent-a-kayaks, paddle boarders, swimmers, babes tanning on the beach, duffy’s and hydrobikes to name just a few obstacles and distractions to sailing fast. 


       Racing was close and tight nit in the A fleet. Many mark roundings found the fleet arriving at the marks at the same time. The wind made any lead easy to be evaporated as it oscillated all weekend and seemed to never make up it’s mind on what to do. ‘Killer ‘Kevin Thomas had fun taking Mark Ryan to the moon (twice) before allowing him any chance of room at the leeward mark on both days. Mike Shea at one time had had enough of giving everybody room and decided to make the leeward mark one big party/raft up to John Gresham/Mandi's enjoyment as they sailed off into first. Jon and Lauren Bell drove down from Santa Barbara to come play and even took a bullet away from the (damm) Ryan’s, too! In the end Mark and Sarah ended up winning followed by Kevin/Amanda, Jon/Lauren and John Gresham (pending charges)/Mandi Smith. In the B fleet, Tim/Karmen Estlow of fleet two did work and mopped up. Finishing second in the B’s was long time lido sailors Roger and Ann Hinton from Mission Bay followed by Steve Cole. We even had a rare sighting of Kelly Cantley and Kevin Kashima on Sunday! 


      All in all everybody had a great time sailing their beloved Lido’s this past weekend. Up next for many of us is hopefully the Roy Woosley Regatta down with our friends in Newport Beach! Fall is here and that can only mean one thing: Lido sailing with our beloved friends, family and most importantly spending time with our one true love, our Lido 14's. 




-Weather Helm

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