Fleet 21 Championship Recap

Fleet 21 Championship Recap

The name of the 11th Oceanside Harbor Champion will be engraved on the Van Slyke Perpetual Trophy.  The Regatta was held April 16 and 17, 2016. 

Tim Zimmerman, new dominant actor on the sailing stage that is tucked away at the northern coast of San Diego County, claimed the coveted mantelpiece for the coming year. Daniel, Tim's father, handled the front half of the Classic Lido 14 Sloop, with Tim in the driver's seat for the 2 day, 10 race Contest.

 In past years, the springtime event has been graced with Small Craft Advisories, obstacle courses outlined by the Manson Company dredges, and windless cold days better suited to the harsh SoCal winter. Well, Saturday had breezy power, and Sunday had perfect light, flat conditions, with face pinking sunshine for the entire weekend.

Reigning Past Champions, Jock and Lili McGraw, handed over the Coveted Cup to the Race Committee, and Fleet 21 Sailors touched gloves and sailed to the Start Line.

Toxic Haste was situated at the starboard end of the line, with Lido veterans, Phil and Jim lending their skills to Stevy and Hugh. Photographers Donna and Mike Stroup recorded the evidence.

Jock and Lili were commanding a new craft, Interceptor. Their pristine Classic had an unfortunate incident on a freeway offramp, resulting in a harder than water capsize, totaling the championship contender. An intense search for a replacement ride yielded a ca candidate, Interceptor, that would be seriously tested today.

Past Champions could present a problem. Steve Rhodes, with daughter Samantha, wielded Slippery When Wet, and Larry with Trevor sailed past champ, Swift River. There was a private struggle with Slippery and Swift that took 2 days of intense action to sort out.

Tim Gallagher brought maritime mercenary, Aunt Frances to the Tournament, and after following for the first 2 races, he and John chalked the first of 3 Aces. Auntie seems faster every time she shows up. Jock seemed to find the gas pedal on the new Interceptor, winning a light air symposium in Sunday noon's first “drifter” by a full leg, in a 2 leg race. Interceptor and Aunt Frances played their own private match, with Tim and John leading Jock and Lili by 2 points after a weekend of 10 races.

Then there was Tim Z, delivering 6 bullets in the well tested Don't Mess With Kitty, concluding a weekend of sailing lessons for the tired Fleet 21 Challengers. 

Back in Oceanside Yacht Club's Seaside Speakeasy, Marolyn and P C Van Slyke were on hand to ensure delivery of the Iconic Idol to this year's Champion, Tim Zimmerman.

This contest wrapped up the Season for Fleet 21. After a 2 week rest-up, Fleet members will participate in OYC's Jessup Series, held in Lido 14s again this year. Anyone interested in joining this fabulously fun fray should contact Lido 14, Fleet 21, Oceanside or Oceanside Yacht Club sailing chairman.

Capt. Crustacean

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