2019 - Superbowl Regatta

2019 - Superbowl Regatta

“Get your butt off the couch and go sail your boat”, I had to keep telling myself about my poor neglected lido.  For months she sat broken and neglected.  Once I finally convinced myself to do the repairs she was barely ready for the 2019 Super Bowl Charity Regatta.  What a great event to brush the rust off but this year was a little harsh with inconstant and very light breeze.

We had 6 Lidos and were able to get off 4 races in the channel.  At times there seemed to fill in just enough breeze to give some hope but every time it would die off before a mark rounding.  The races became a light wind duel with some good, which is why I feel lucky they let me slip my first bullet in because half the fleet started a minute early! What a great day overall to be in the sun and on the water.  Thank you to all the volunteers who ran the regatta and to Susie Taylor for taking home the win. 

See you Sunday, February 17 at Midwinters at ABYC.

Respectfully Submitted

Tyler Webb


Joy Of Sailing Pictures


Editors comments: This was a test of very light air sailing, one test I would rather not retake!

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