2019 New Years Day Regatta - ABYC

Strong Turnout For New Years Regatta at ABYC!

Apparently, the Lido Class has a New Years resolution to sail in more weekend regattas this year! A total of 23 teams showed up to ABYC Sunday, January 20th for the first annual New Year's Regatta! We even had visitors from Newport, Oceanside and Mission Bay make the drive up to sail, too! How nice! Now we gotta return the favor and visit them in their home ports of call! The large turnout is thanks in a large part to Fleet Six’s Captain Ken Reiff who got the word out through email blast, Facebook posting, Instagram posts, smoke signals, morse code, snail mail, phone calls, text messaging, body language and good ole’ fashion one on one chats! It takes a spark plug to get it all going and Ken is definitely the Fleet’s spark plug and his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! Thanks, Ken!

Fleet Captains, Ken Reiff and Glenn Selvin rounding the weather mark. Ken continues to text absent Lido skippers to rig up and sail the remaining races.

 Out on the water four races were sailed in winds ranging from 3 knots to 12 knots from the SSW. The tide was also ebbing about six feet throughout the whole day which made the races much more interesting! The A fleet was full of top guns ready to fight it out and start the new year out on the right foot. (In fact, Bob Little showed up with new sails!) The B fleet had enough boats to promote whoever wins into the A fleet. With no throw-outs and courses ranging from W/L to W/L/W/L, it was anybody’s regatta to win!

B Fleet action near the weather mark

 The B fleet had a total of 14 boats! Susie and Bill Swezea were able to find a babysitter for their kids and came out fast finishing with a 1, 2, 2, 4 to end with a comfortable first place! Welcome to the A fleet, Susie and Bill! In second was Bill Moore and Kathy Weishampel and in third was the daughter/father team of Jennifer Kurtz and John Ellis. It’s hard to believe, but John is in his 90’s now! Wow! He’s living the dream! Coming in fourth was the junior brother team of Will and Nicholas Mueller of ABYC! We even had a Mother/daughter/son team out sailing this past weekend, too! This is what Lido sailing is all about! Family Sailing, Family Fun!

One of Fleet Six's strength is a strong B Fleet.

The A fleet saw a lot of lead changes throughout each race as the fleet duked it out in the first regatta of the new year. Race one saw Ryan winning, but only barely over Gresham and that was after an intense tacking duel up to the finishing line from the leeward mark that saw Ryan in second and Gresham in first. Race two saw Ryan winning again, but not without fighting off Kathy/Cindy who came in with a strong 2nd and Gresham in third. Following close behind all the time was Bob Little/Paul Anctil and Kevin Thomas/Helen. Race three saw Gresham coming out fast with Ryan fighting between finishing 2nd, 3rd or 4th between Bob and Kevin. In the end, Ryan ended up 2nd which only gave him a two-point lead on Gresham going into the last race which meant that it was still anybody’s regatta to win.

A fleet start. Gabe Ferramola getting "The Squeeze" from Gresham and Ryan


Race four saw the wind pick up to around 12 knots which meant really tight racing. In fact, Ty Beach from Mission Bay was leading most of the race with Bob Little in second and Ryan and Gresham near the back of the fleet as they duked it out trying to put boats in between each other. Ryan ended up doing a penalty turn in the first beat of a two lapper which opened the door for Gresham to take the regatta in points, but then Gresham ended up doing his own penalty turn up the second beat which opened the door for Ryan to come back! In the end, Ryan ended up winning the shootout with a 1,1, 2, 2, over Gresham/Chris May’s, 2, 3, 1, 4. Coming in Third was Bob Little/Paul Anctil with a 3, 4, 4, 1 and fourth was Kevin Thomas/Helen with a 5, 8, 3, 3.


Brooke Jolly couldn't decide which rock-star crew to pick, so she brought both Brynn & Tanner.

 Back on land, the fleet had a great time BBQing it up on the ABYC patio. We even had a bartender keeping us refresh! Big thanks to Dana Bell who helped put on the BBQ! Also, big thanks to Martin for running the races and Ed Spotsky and everybody else who volunteered to help move marks and record finishes! Lido love, baby!

Martyn Bookwalter (in hat under orange flag) heads up the race committee. Martyn was the recipient of the Sam and Dana Bell Perpetual trophy for the person contributing the most to the Lido Fleet.

 Up next for the Lido Class is the Super Bowl Regatta up in Marina Del Rey Saturday, January 26th! This regatta benefits the Santa Monica Junior Sailing Programs so your entry fee goes to a good cause. After that, a possible one-day MidWinters on Sunday, February 17th at ABYC. Can’t make the Super Bowl Regatta? That’s OK because theirs the Fleet Two Invitational

New Lido 14 owner, Bob Little, gaining fast at the leeward mark.

Saturday, March 23rd up in Marina Del Rey followed by the Harry Wood Invitational down in Newport Sunday, March 24th! Lastly, we have the Pete Jefferson Invitational down in Mission Bay May 4th and 5th! There's plenty of opportunities to come out and play in our beloved Lidos up and down the So Cal coast this year. Let's keep the large turnouts coming!

  -Mark Ryan #2506 & #5037



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