Family Teams duke it out - Harry Wood 2019

                         Harry Wood Regatta held at Balboa YC - 2019

The Lido Class has continued its new years resolution of showing up to weekend regattas!
Case in point was this past weekends Harry Wood Regatta hosted by Fleet One and Balboa
Yacht Club in Newport Beach which saw twenty one teams out on the water (with twenty two
teams signed up)! A big thanks to Barry Wood (Harry’s son), PRO Walter Johnson, fleet one
and Ken Reiff (fleet 6 Captain) for kicking the tires and lighting the fires to getting a strong
turnout for this years regatta! Hopefully we can keep the positive vibes going into the year for
our beloved Lido 14 Class! The Lido Class theme of family sailing, family fun was strong this
past weekend as nine of the twenty one teams were family teams! We had husband/wives,
father/daughters, a father/son, a boyfriend/girlfriend and a brother/sister team sailing this past
weekend! Wow! How cool is that!

The racers saw sunny skies with variable winds from the S/SW at 5 to 10 knots in the main
channel of Newport Harbor. Being it a Sunday, a lot of motor boaters were out making the race
course very entertaining. Add in the ebbing current and you had a very challenging race course
that tested your patience. PRO Walter gave the A and B’s separate starts and double W/L
courses to test our skills with.

Family teams dominated the B fleet! The family team of Dennis and Noah Holland prevailed with
a 3-1-3-1-3 finish over the father/daughter team of Tony Lange/Kelly Poly. With 12 entries, this
victory pushes Dennis and Noah into the A fleet! Congrats! Coming in third was another family
team of Jamie/Avery Gregory. This is what I love about the Lido Class, it’s a genuine family day
sailor where family teams can compete successfully. No need for a rock star sailor as a crew,
just grab your daughter, son, sister, brother, wife, girlfriend, etc and you can compete! Not a lot
of one designs can do that!

The A fleet saw more family teams taking the top podiums. The A fleet saw close racing,
especially for the top two spots. A match race of sorts soon developed between the
father/daughter team of Robertson/Bachelor and the brother/sister team of Ryan/Schaupeter as
they duked it out to see who was top dog for the day. In case you didn’t know, Robertson
mentored Ryan in the Lido when Ryan was a kid. A battle between master and apprentice soon
developed even before the start of race two as both teams used match racing tactics to try to
outdo the other. When the dust had settled, Ryan/Schaupeter were able to pull out a victory with
finishes of 2-1-1-2-1 over Robertson/Bachelor’s 1-2-4-1-2 and earn the Harry Wood Perpetual
trophy. Coming in third was the husband/wife team of Ty and Sara Beach! Seeing a pattern
here? Family sailing, family fun!

What makes the Harry Wood Regatta unique is its history! Harry Wood wasn’t a member of fleet
one, but a member of fleet six in Long Beach. However, Harry was so well liked that when he
fell ill, fleet one decided to name their invitational after him. But Harry being Harry eventually
conquered his illness and was able to sail in his own invitational and even won his own
perpetual trophy! How cool is that! Harry Wood was also a lifeguard for Long Beach and is
credit to saving a troop of Boy Scouts from their sinking boat back in the day. What a legend!
Not only was he a multiple time class champion, but he was also a class act. Stories have been
told of his horizon jobs in the Lido Class where he would be one leg ahead of everybody else
and this was during the Lido Class’s heyday when sixty boats on the line wasn’t uncommon.
What a lido legend! Save the 2020 Harry Wood Regatta into your calendar. Not only do you get
to celebrate a corinthian sailor, but you also get a t-shirt, five great races and a taco bar at the
end of the day. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

The next big weekend regatta is the Pete Jefferson down in Mission Bay, May 4th thru the 5th!
Let's continue the strong turnouts, weekend warriors!

Respectively Submitted,

Mark "The Shark" Ryan



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